We’re the trusted qualified global authorities in making Ad and Marketing technology investments work. We ultimately provide the multilingual expertise global teams need to deliver their marketing, advertising and data strategies.

It’s our unique methodology, toolkit and data expertise that attracts some of the world's most forward thinking companies..

Our consultancy service includes:

  • Maturity assessments to identify your current state
  • Global technology Rollouts
  • Workflow and content management
  • Independent technology advice
  • Education and optimisation programmes for global teams
  • Data taxonomy and structures

If you would like to know more about the value Bluprint can deliver, please schedule a project consultation with our team today.

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Bluprint lays down the foundations that enables Global Companies to transform their strategies through marketing and advertising technology.

Working with Bluprint gives companies access to industry leading subject matter experts, who are fully trained and backed by independent research produced through our own development labs and academies. We’re certified across the board, and completely understand the ins-and-outs of some of the world’s leading marketing and advertising technologies.

Development services:

  • Implementations
  • Integrations
  • Migrations

Rarely will your development needs be out-of-the-box solutions, which is why we always recommend an evaluation session prior to all development, it helps increase the strength of your project kick-off by giving our technical team that vital project scope.

It’s in our DNA to not make promises we can’t keep, we are honest, but what you can expect from Bluprint is:

  • A team that identifies your needs
  • Rapid turnaround whilst maintaining the highest standards
  • Vendor agnostic and certified on leading platforms
  • Extensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • User training and support

In need of industry leading development work? Schedule a chat with one of our team.

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Managed Services

We’re a global multilingual team. Highly adept and equipped with the knowledge that will drive your project forward.

Whatever you need to outsource, we aim to become a seamless member of your own team.

Managed services can be provided on:

  • Complete platform management
  • Campaign execution
  • Workflow and process management
  • Education and optimisation programmes
  • Data management and insight
  • Analytics and reporting management

Our knowledge provides the vision for digitals contribution to your overall goals. We’ll improve your value proposition by introducing platform targeting approaches that’ll boost your acquisition and retention of clients.

We put analytics into action with our platform management. This involves a series of tests and measurements designed to improve your overall marketing efficiency and effectiveness- such as data cleansing, tracking code placements, and lead scoring models.

In need of managed services? Schedule a chat with one of our team.

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Our qualified team of experts provide training to some of the world's most powerful global enterprises in the field of Marketing and Ad Technology. In fact, we're so highly regarded that even some competitors in similar Consultancy and Development fields, have come to us for training.

At the heart of what makes us the go-to choice for Enterprises is our ethos on knowledge sharing. We help you to align and empower your key project stakeholders so that they themselves can train their own teams. It's a model of training that is in the culture and DNA of every member of the Bluprint team.

We provide training on:

  • Personas and content
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Marketing campaign workshops
  • Lead lifecycles
  • Getting ready For certification workshops
  • Marketing automation platform user training
  • Data management platform user training

Partners who have undergone our rigorous multilingual training services have reported: greater success, far less work-based stress, and interdepartmental alignment at a global level.

For more information on our Training services, schedule a chat with one of our team today.

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