Spencer Montagu

I’m proud to announce our latest partnership with localisation automation experts, Cloudwords. As their exclusive partner in EMEA, Bluprint will be combining its immense knowledge of the marketing technology landscape with Cloudwords’ easy-to-use, powerful localisation tool. I just wanted to provide a little more context and background surrounding this partnership… and why we’re so excited.

What is localisation automation?

Localisation automation starts with translation services but extends far beyond it. It’s about making content relevant to your audience around the world. For example:

  • By changing imagery so that it resonates with local cultural norms or doesn’t offend.
  • Using colloquialisms and cultural references rather than just dropping in direct translations to make the content relevant to regional audiences.

It's about doing all of this and then automating the process to save you time and money. Using a platform like Cloudwords enables you to efficiently move content from your MAP/CMS/Design Suite to the localisation marketplace and back to the platform before going live, all the while adding approval steps where you need them most.

At Bluprint, we’re always looking to stay at the forefront of the marketing technology space, and improve how our customers market. This, in part, is why we’re so proud to be partners with Cloudwords. Cloudwords have pinpointed the true value in creating content and marketing activities that are region-specific and then vitally, made that easy to do.

‘Thinking globally, acting locally’ should be the starting point of any multinational, multilingual marketing campaign. What at first may sound like contradictory advice makes sense the more that you consider it. Just as each of your personas requires personalisation to ensure that you’re speaking their ‘language’, different countries, naturally, benefit from being spoken to in, well... their own language. Addressing customers in new markets in their native language is a sure-fire way to get more engagement. To get global, you have to think local.

But why localisation automation? You’ve understood the benefits of bringing in automation in other areas of your marketing stack, so why not here too?

  • On average, using Cloudwords enables companies to go-to-market 80% faster than they would by using alternative localisation tools or solutions.
  • Using Cloudwords enables integrations with all of the leading content & marketing technology platforms. Creating a seamless transition from platform to platform without the use of laboured spreadsheets and Word documents to track changes.
  • Increase collaboration and reduce errors with Cloudwords’ advanced audit trail and version controls for your translation projects.
  • Implement controlled workflows to streamline the approval process and ensure that your translations are up to standard and approved quickly.

Bluprint is already working with a number of customers who have integrated Cloudwords into their wider marketing technology stack including Adobe Experience Manager, Marketo, & Eloqua.

Interested in finding out how Cloudwords could simplify the process of producing your multilingual marketing campaigns? Contact us at and we can organise a demo of the platform.