Spencer Montagu

"All the data. In your palm"

Does this sound familiar?

The ongong digital transformation means there’s now a technological solution for almost every aspect of your business. Marketing, Financial, Human Resources, Operations and more.

You and your colleagues have been picking up the pace, determined to make sure you have the best kit in place so that everything is optimised. Keeping ahead, so you don’t fall behind.

For you, this means marketing technology.

Marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, and social media account management covers the basics. AI chatbots and predictive capabilities are the new highbar. 5G and the Internet of Things are right around the corner, with solutions following right behind them.

But there’s a big issue.

Vision problems

Each new solution adds yet another data generator and a separate dashboard for you to dig into for insight. Another interface for you to go in an out of as the amount of information available explodes. Laboriously trying to compare and contrast sources against each other to find the grains of truth that will move you and your team forward another step.

We’ve seen this time and again with our customers. We’ve witnessed the frustration. We’ve listened to people calling out for just one screen to manage it all.

So when we discovered DOMO, and what it could do, we knew we had to work with them to bring their solution to CMOs in dire need.

Because with DOMO, every bit of data, from every solution around your business, is pulled together for you.


Mobile compatible.

What DOMO is doing for CMOs

Whether you’re at your desk or on the move, DOMO provides a constant, real-time delivery of data from your email automation, web analytics, social, CRM and budget software applications, to name just a few.

This integrated view means a truly complete perspective on your marketing performance. But more than that, you now have the power to question, organise and visualise all that information in any way you want.

CMOs can now know the stories their data is telling them. Marketing opportunities are no longer missed. Teams are now accessing the metrics that matter. Trends can be analysed, lightning fast, and the right people can act on them.

This data-powered, digital vision means marketing can now stand and be seen across the business. Ready to show its real worth.

What’s behind this power?

How does DOMO work? Domo offers CMOs a single platform to connect all your marketing applications, pulling their data into a single data mart and making it visible and accessible, no matter where you are.

By combining data from marketing platforms with information from the rest of the business, sales, finance and product, Domo gives you the breadth and depth of vision needed to lead your team in today’s ever competitive marketplace.

Domo’s solution:

Connects - use it’s pre-built connectors to directly tap the marketing platforms and legacy data you need to gain an integrated view of your performance and customers.

Prepares - combine the data in all the ways you want, without the need for elite interpreters, so you can ask the business critical questions immediately.

Visualises - organise the data in any way you like and express the insight in visual forms your team can act on and the board can appreciate.

Engages - collaborate responsively to live insight by conducting conversations where the data lives so opportunities are seized, not forgotten.

Optimises - take what you learn and use it to identify where to grow by employing methods and strategies with the best ROI.

Tame it with Bluprint

In October 2018, we’ll be partnering with DOMO to show you what’s possible when data becomes visible and how that will determine who wins on the modern stage.

We’ll be holding 3 morning sessions, talking single-view data power and the kind of thinking which will enhance the digital vision that CMOs must have to survive.

Check out the dates below and book your place early.

09/10 - Data Visibility: Marketing’s New Battlefield within Professional Services

10/10 - Data Visibility: Marketing’s New Battlefield within Financial Services

11/10 - Data Visibility: Marketing’s New Battlefield within the Technology sector